A Swedish electric car manufacturer wanted to ensure that components manufactured by its entire supply chain would fit together before they were shipped for final assembly. To achieve this they needed a dimensional analysis solution that would also give them clear reporting and analysis to highlight anomalies and trends.

ATS CM4D was the clear choice for its feature-rich dimensional data collection, reporting and analysis and for the experience and knowledge that ATS brought to the table in both digital quality and automotive manufacturing.

The customer is now able to combine and compare dimensional data from their own measuring devices as well as their suppliers’. For many of the suppliers, this customer is able to analyse their dimensional data better than they are themselves and so a close, two-way collaboration has developed within the supply chain.

The benefits for the customer go far beyond the manufacturing process and into the design phase, where “real world” quality of every part and interface between parts is available to inform the designer of what really works. This enhances the design and prototype cycles by providing real-world results much faster. With ATS CM4D the customer is bridging the virtual world of Computer Aided Design with the real world of manufacturing, allowing their engineers to collaborate and innovate around the globe as if they were in the same room.

Above all else, implementing ATS CM4D and collaborating with ATS has led to a change in the quality culture within the company. This is partly due to the much greater tolerances they’ve been able to achieve but it’s primarily due to the access to dimensional quality analysis that is now available to everyone within the plant at all levels and in all roles.

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