When Paccar (the Leading Global Truck Manufacturer) contacted ATS with the problem of how to engineer the Battery Module Assembly process for their new assembly line in Mexico, they didn’t have much time; initial production was scheduled within two months. The ATS expert mechanical engineering team set to work immediately to examine the process and come up with a solution.The initial work to study the requirement and formulate a 3D visualization of the solution was completed within 1 week and a costed proposal presented to Paccar. This despite the demanding design constraints:

• tight access

• heavy/hazardous product characteristics

• ease of use for the operator

• equipment ergonomics

• design simplicity and cost

The clear and easy to understand simulation of the solution presented by the ATS engineers enabled Paccar to see the solution (and how it would work in practice) and reach a quick decision on how to proceed. ATS then set about turning the design into reality. With the ability to draw upon over 70 quality checked fabrication shops; scheduling is never an issue and the design was turned into reality in under 2 weeks.

With follow up engineering support to help Paccar install the Manipulator, the overall project initiation to fruition took only 7 weeks. And in turn the benefit for the assembly operators was immense – reduced effort, reduced risk of injuries, less accidental damage to both battery models and cab assemblies.

 Paccar: Manipulator for Battery Module Handling

3D visualization of the solution