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I wanted to inform you of a wonderful cause that ATS helped bring to life. I am very involved within my church, which is located within the inner city of Detroit. Although many seem to shy away from certain areas of Detroit, because of the active crime and violence, my church has drawn closer, in an effort help the children who are sometimes forgotten. The name of my church is Mount Charity Missionary Baptist Church (aka Mt Charity MBC), under our Pastor Fredrick Belk.We have embraced the depleting neighborhood and strive to make a positive impact on the people who live there. It has to start somewhere and we are indeed growing, with the help and guidance of God.

Many of these children face violence, abuse, and neglect. We have taken many under our wings, in an effort to show them that they are indeed not forgotten and loved. We encourage them to strive for better, because they too have the opportunities available to become a success in life. We are blessed, in order to bless others. They can grow to do the very same.

I am writing to thank ATS and Ralph Marsh particularly, on the hope and blessings that were given to 40 children and young adults. We were planning a trip to Cedar Point (an amusement park, located in Ohio), as an incentive to inspire the children that awards can come with hard work and perseverance. We were having difficulty in raising the money to do so, as many families simply do not have the means to help, as much as they would like to.

It was placed on my heart to turn to ATS for a possible donation of any amount and I then spoke directly with Ralph. He has been aware of my passion to help the less fortunate for some time and I believe he knew, if I was asking for some help, I was approaching him with a genuine need. I am proud to say, he donated and sponsored 20 children. I cried with tears of joy, because the trip was able to take place on August 29th. The experience has indeed blessed all who were involved and those who were able to simply be a witness, because if the generosity of ATS. I wanted to publicly thank ATS, Ralph Marsh, and Ann Cirner, for making this experience a huge success. I have included a picture, saying thank you from the children.
Thank you and God Bless, Dorothea Sanchez

2015 Dorothea Sanchez helps Detroit children

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