For a company that is specialised in selling chemicals to companies who use water for industrial cooling and heat exchange systems. To prove the effectiveness of their systems they decided to build mobile test systems to measure water quality at customer locations.The client had little experience with the control and SCADA systems required for the test system so they asked ATS to develop an appropriate solution.

Water used in industrial cooling systems quickly becomes polluted with bacteria
and residual chemicals that can damage or block the cooling system. Special chemicals keep the system clean and efficient.

The test system was implemented with Allen-Bradley SLC 500 PLC’s and InTouch SCADA software. The project was completed over a 3-month period by ATS engineers and programmers and implemented. The mobile test system was then taken to various sites in Europe for full testing. At each site water in the industrial cooling system was extracted and then tested and analysed. They would then introduce their chemicals and repeat the test and analysis procedures.

Given the size of the cooling systems this procedure takes place over several days and the results presented to the operator and users via the SCADA system. Due to the success of this system ATS was asked to implement control and SCADA
systems at several customer sites.