Supply Chain Managers must be able to respond to unexpected production changes and synchronize the supply of materials and production of sub-components in accordance with the final assembly process. Production scheduling software is a great way to address these challenges.

Prior to scheduling orders, Advanced Scheduling will check if the orders are satisfied both for raw materials and intermediate goods such as (sub) components. In the Bill of Materials, you can determine if the system should or should not permit shortages, you can identify non-critical items such as bold and screws. In the event of shortages, the system will indicate the orders and assemblies that are affected by these shortages.

Understanding the material shortages upfront allows to only schedule “satisfied” orders for the short term and avoid disruptions and delays for operations.

The remaining orders (long term) can be scheduled despite shortages, after scheduling, the material shortages reports will indicate when these shortages are occurring. This is valuable data for the logistics department and can be used to acquire the necessary materials Just-In-Time.

In the event of future shortages caused by late deliveries, the planner will be informed immediately, and the production schedule can be adjusted quickly. Due to the increased level of accuracy, you would no longer need to purchase more materials to cover the unexpected.

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