From the start ATS has been a key member of the team implementing Simatic IT MES into all of the plants of this multinational soft drinks supplier. ATS has been rewarded this contract based on its long-term involvement and ability to make this project successful.As part of the initial project, that started in 2012, ATS worked with Siemens on the functional design at the first plant and has since then been responsible for the shop floor integration of the very specific MES functionality. Now ATS has been awarded an even greater role and will implement the complete MES solution at a further 12 plants across Europe. ATS will also take over the 24/7 MES application support.

The MES solution at the customer is extensive and drives standardisation across the plants with a focus on operational excellence, quality and sustainable manufacturing (driving higher efficiency in energy and water consumption) and ATS is very proud to be a part of this.

Image: David Porter, Irn Bru,, (CC BY 2.0)