Quality Management

BROCHURES Quality Management Read About Our Products, Solutions and Services for Quality Management Quality management is a key criterion for the manufacturing industry, connected to not just product integrity but also a company’s ongoing journey towards excellence across all departments, individuals, and processes involved in production. Experience our holistic [...]

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BROCHURES Pharmaceutical Read About Our Digital Transformation Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry ATS provides Industrial Automation, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES/MOM), Serialization and Laboratory Information Systems (LIMS) solutions suitable for Pharma 4.0. Our decades of experience and understanding of the regulated industry means we know the importance of quality assurance and [...]



BROCHURES MES MOM Read About Our MES/MOM Solutions Designed, Implemented and Supported Around the Globe Manufacturing Execution Systems / Manufacturing Operations Management (MES/MOM) is critical for Smart Digital Transformation. It provides the layer for direct execution of production orders and dynamic response to changing situations in orders, machine statuses, [...]

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food and beverage

BROCHURES Food and Beverage Read About Our Digital Transformation Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry ATS Global is the Independent Solution Provider for Smart Digital Transformation in the Food and Beverage industry. We offer industry specific solutions for process Automation, PLC, DCS, SCADA, Quality Management and Track & Trace [...]

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Electric Vehicles

BROCHURES Solutions for Electric Vehicle Manufacurers Read About Our Digital Transformation Solutions for Electric Vehicle Manufacturers Modifying conventional assembly lines, battery pack protection, and high production costs are some of the key concerns faced by EV manufacturers. Organisations are responding to these challenges, as well as to dynamic market [...]

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BROCHURES Defence Read About Our Digital Transformation Solutions for Defence Manufacturers ATS Global has been a key driver of digital transformation in the global defence industry for decades. We serve premiere defence organizations cutting across OEMs, Tier-1s, Tier-2s and component suppliers. Our domain experience spans from underwater defence submarines to [...]



BROCHURES Automotive Read About Our Digital Transformation Solutions for the Automotive Industry ATS offers a wide variety of digital transformation solutions across the automotive industry. This includes body shop, stamping, paint shop, trim and chassis, assembly lines, final inspection and component suppliers. We are experts at providing end-to-end quality, automation [...]


ATS Inspect

BROCHURES ATS Inspect Read About Our Visual Inspection Software Solution for Manufacturers Whether your production line has the complexity of High Mix Low Volume or the speed of Low Mix High Volume, the requirements of quality must be maintained. But how do you ensure quality standards when the demands of [...]

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BROCHURES ATS DCIM Read About our Flexible Data Center Control and Management (DCIM) Solutions We understand that each data center is special and therefore your DCIM should be able to accommodate a large variety of requirements. We offer you a complete set of tools to manage and control your data [...]

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BROCHURES ATS CM4D Read About Our Powerful Dimensional Analysis Software for Manufactured Products Whether you’re comparing your product to the original design, finding out if components built in different locations will fit together, ensuring supplier parts are within tolerance, or any number of other dimensional inspection tasks, ATS CM4D has [...]

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