End-to-end shop-floor integration with central system is necessary for turning Industry 4.0 principles into action. The devices, systems and equipment on shop floor should really be capable of communicating with external world to accomplish newer tasks.

On a shop floor even though every device or equipment is an independent system supplied by different vendors and OEMs, Level 2 integration systems joins all together and provide uniform view of Process Data, Batch Information, User Management, Reports, Audit Trail etc. Our experts of Level 2 Integration Systems help manufacturers starting from consulting, design, implementation and maintenance of the system. Our L2 integration system fulfil all compliance requirement standards like 21CFR Part11.

Stages in L2 Integration

Integration of Equipment & Data Capture

Independent of make of equipment, and independent of Automation system within the equipment, we integrate all kind of equipment to capture the data, all using the proven and certified software components.

Data Storage

The most significant and important part of L2 integration system is Data Storage. We understand the specific requirement of manufacturing Time Series data and its storage mechanisms. Our solution includes Time Series Data Historian with many functionalities like store & forward, data compression techniques, data mirroring.

Monitoring & Reporting

User experience is everything for any system. Our state-of-the-art dashboards and GUI for users makes it simpler for accessing all the data. Plant wide view to the equipment granular view everything is adopted in the L2 integration system by default.

Data Sharing

Our L2 integration system is an open architecture, capable of sharing data with any L3, L4 systems. Many standard protocols are available to share data with systems like MES or any data consumer.

Over offering includes:

End to End execution of

Real time & Historical
Data Monitoring

Monitoring of Equipment

Alarm with filtering


Seamless integration with MES and
other systems