This reporting template contains two graphs as used in the European car industry and some other process based industries.The “X with MR” graph shows an X-Mr graph with both individual and moving range graphs. The control limits and engineering tolerances are shown and the trend highlights the standard control chart errors of “out of control”, “run on the side of the mean”, and “rising or falling run”. Key statistics (6S, Cp, Cpk “Out of Control” and “Out of Tolerance”) are shown.


X-MR Graphs

X-MR Graphs

Download Example of X-MR Graphs as PDF.

The nominal position and tolerances are shown as well as the control and engineering limits. The feature is coloured according to the direction of measurement:

  • Blue = X
  • Green = Y
  • Black = Z
  • Red = Holes and slots
  • Purple = 3D Position
  • Teal = “Normal to metal”

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