Gaining Flexibility through the Reduced Complexity of a Single SCADA Solution

From their labs to their factory floors, this pharmaceutical company is discovering and developing innovative biological medicines and making them accessible to patients throughout the world. But, until recently, they found they had multiple SCADA and HMI systems carrying out the same basic tasks – a common cause of waste. This complexity was also leading to a gradually increasing cost of ownership while the system compatibility with infrastructure and operating systems was gradually decreasing.

To overcome these issues, the company asked ATS Global to implement Ignition SCADA from Inductive Automation. This web-based SCADA solution gave them a number of benefits:

  • Limited complexity: Related and sized according to individual service need enabling focused personnel training.
  • Flexibility: Changes limited to an individual service area (technical and team) and with more supplier independence.
  • Transparency: Cost, production impact, business value are all visible.
  • Re-usability: Re-use of design, code, test, evaluations, as each service grows according to need through an agile approach.

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