ATS Quality Management Solution Helps Compressor Blade Ceramic Core Manufacturer Optimise Production


  • Automatic Data Collection from machines to remove the manual & paper-based system from the shop floor
  • Central, Monitoring & Control of all shop floor machines using one platform
  • Perform different analyses for Yield, Reject, OEE, Downtime & Fault occurrences using historian data and improve the overall productivity

Project Scope

  • Connection different machines such as hydration, wet, dry and packaging machine around 33 machines to central Ignition server
  • The development of logic & different graphic screens for monitoring of real time status, Yield, Rejects, OEE & downtime analyses

Solution Approach

  • Data collected from Schneider Electric PLCs connected via Ethernet
  • Win CoDeSys OPC, OPC server was used by Ignition to communicate with PLCs
  • Mission critical architecture of Ignition was used to achieve the overall functionality

Systems & Tools

  • Ignition SCADA Ver. 8
  • WinCC CodecSys OPC
  • Codec PLC Software
  • MySql

The Results

Paper-less data capturing

Improvement in the yield and decrease of rejects by finding bottleneck issues using historical data

Enhancement in overall machines availability & productivity

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