As part of our continuous improvement program, ATS is pleased to bring to the market this new exciting Multi Platform PLC Training class.

  • 5 Day PLC Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Commissioning & Level 1 Programming using Allen- Bradley PLC5, SLC500, MicroLogix, ControlLogix, Mitsubishi System Q & Siemens S7

Most maintenance and plant support engineers have to support machinery using multiple platforms across the factory and cannot afford to spend either the time or money taking the traditional 4 day single technology focused classes.

As a result, ATS have consolidated the syllabus to remove duplication and structured the class very much on a workshop basis – where the common theory on how to program and troubleshoot is covered just once and hands on tuition is given on the two or three platforms required by the group.

If you only need the one technology, all the original 4 day classes are still available – but if you need more, why not take advantage of this new class and get a flying start.

For more information, please see the trainig content webpage.