Managing water and waste water treatment combines simple pumping stations with complex waste water treatment and central control stations over large geographical areas.One of ATS’s experiences in the “World of Water” is a waste water management project at the RWZI. This project involved Siemens PLC’s, combined with a Profibus FMS-network and SCADA applications using FIX32 and FIXDynamics.

To fully understand the process ATS engineers worked closely with water management experts from the customer. The program consists of several PID loops and step motor controls, for instance to control oxygen levels in aeration tanks, the volume and density of mud, depth measurements, nitrate measurements, de-phosphate installations etc.

Programming drive control systems and configuring the Profibus-DP network were important elements of this project. For pumps, motors, mixers, and test and measurement equipment standards for both the PLC and SCADA system were developed.

ATS engineers are frequently involved with writing software for remote terminal units, communication, and PLC & SCADA systems. This industry is continually advancing with new methods and systems making the most of our water supply.

ATS’s experience in control applications made sure that the PLC program was well structured for this process and that a clear and user friendly SCADA-application was developed.

Data acquisition included active hours, samples, maximum-, minimum- and average accumulations, notification to printers and log-files etc. The project also included remote communication (PLC and SCADA), building PC networks, and logging of alarms, notify alarms, synchronisation of PC’s and PLC, etc.