OPCENTER APS helps to shorten lead times at Aerospace manufacturer


  • Insight into the real capacity of the factory
  • Possibility to respond rapidly to changes
  • Reduced Production Leadtime
  • Reduced Production disturbances
  • Improved Production Flow

Project Scope

  • Visualize and respect relationships between operations
  • Provide Production Sequences per workcentre
  • Speed up the scheduling process
  • Integration with ERP/MRP to retrieve works-order data, stocks, etc.

Solution Approach

  • Opcenter APS to provide the necessary insight in production scheduling
  • Tight integration with ERP complemented with Preactor-specific data to leverage existing information in the company
  • Clearly defined scheduling process to improve transferability of knowledge

Systems & Tools

The Results

Decrease in production leadtime by 50%

Improvement in on-time delivery by 10%

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