ATS Integrates Station for Pressing Magnet Control at a Car Component Manufacturer


  • Implementation of pressing magnet control station into the existing line. The line produces electro motors for ABS
  • New station tests stator magnet quality to motor housing

Project Scope

  • Automated validation of the quality of magnets by use of several tools and testing methods (pressure)
  • Station should be placed into existing line layout – minimum space installation
  • Station should be implemented within 2 shifts without any impact on planned production

Solution Approach

  • Enable evaluation of OK/NOK status for each tested component
  • All NOK pieces should be highlighted and removed without stopping production

Systems & Tools

  • Bosch conveyor system approach
  • PLC Siemens S7-300
  • HMI KTP400
  • TIA Portal V15

The Results

Improve testing quality

Ability to select NOK pieces

Decrease % of reclamation by end customer

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