• Assistance in the introduction of MES system
  • Replacement of obsolete middleware to enable communication between machines and the MES
  • Development of modern and intuitive surfaces for user inputs at the detection of system failures


  • Implementing a universal machine interface of OPC DA2 as well as OPC UA connection
  • Creating a HTML5 Website via Angular JS for the input of the disruption reasons related to machine downtimes

Solution Approach

  • Software development based on Microsoft.NET (C#, MVC)
  • Front-end development using HTML5 and Angular JS a single page web-application including user authentification



  • Up-to-date, high-performance Machine-Database interface providing increased scalability
  • Users operating machines located at the line show great contentment for the modern user surface
  • Improved outline and simplified software distribution to perform updates across different plants
Das Ergebnis

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