Video: Manufacturing Execution System for Processing Plants

In this video, a plant manager explains how a Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) allows you to work without paper. All orders are entered digitally, which means all the important data is available in one place. No more carrying about notepads and losing paperwork.

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MES Implementation

Implementing MES can lead to improved business KPI’s and help deliver the perfect order: right product, right quality, right time, right place and right profit margin.

Order Handling and Improving OEE

MES also receives data from other business systems, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), production scheduling and quality systems. This data can then be turned into useful information.

Having all the data in one place means that you just have to go to one place to manage all of your production issues.

Logistics, Material, Warehouse Management

Material flows and logistics work in unison with production, helping you to deliver the perfect order.

Quality Management

With integrated quality management, you can record and monitor product and process issues to ensure that your product is shipped exactly as you intended.

Reduce Complaints and Warranty Claims

This also reduces overall production and quality costs by reducing customer complaints and warranty claims.

Track & Trace

The traceability capabilities built into an MES solution allow both you and your customers to continuously monitor the status of your products or batches as well as any vital characteristics related to them. Traceability from coffee bean to coffee drinker.

Enjoy the Endless Benefits

MES solutions enable flawless manufacturing processes by providing a single source for your manufacturing data and enabling real-time updates when requirements change.

And with data integrated across multiple sites, with more space in the warehouse, with production plans being more closely adhered to and with the “right first time” of every product being improved, everybody benefits, from the production line to the board room to the customer.