Smarter Digitalised Product Quality Inspections: Introducing ATS Inspect 6

Take the Leap Forward to ATS Inspect 6

To keep manufacturers at the top of their game ATS Inspect is under constant development. New features and improvements are frequently suggested by customers as well as by the ATS engineers themselves, calling on their best-practise knowledge across a range of industries.

If you’re an existing customer you’ll already be experiencing the range of benefits that come with an ATS Inspect implementation such as improved right first time, reduced rework and scrap costs and a secure brand reputation.

Upgrading to ATS Inspect 6 will offer you an enhanced visual inspection solution. You’ll still get the same benefits but with increased data collection capabilities, more detailed data analysis and a smoother and faster configuration. Read on to find out how upgrading to ATS Inspect 6 could benefit you.

Effective Attribute Data Collection

Data collection within ATS Inspect has taken a huge leap forward as operators can now enter visual defects on 3D CAD models of their products which provides a very intuitive way of recording issues. The addition of multi-layer 2D views also gives the operator the ability to strip away information to see inside the product being inspected.

Both of these additions present a more user friendly approach to attribute data collection so that the operator can concentrate on the quality issues rather than the software.

Powerful Digital Checklists

ATS Inspect does more than just record visual defects. It also allows you to verify that inspections have been carried out correctly and that the right components have been used on each unit. In high-mix mass customisation where each unit could be put together differently the electronic checklist within ATS Inspect is indispensable.

In version 6 the checklist has become smarter and will prevent operators from answering questions which they may not be trained to answer or that are not part of their specific review.

Furthermore, additional questions can be presented to the operator if they enter a specific concern on a specific part. This can allow process improvements to be implemented and reviewed quickly and effectively.

Feature Rich Variable Data Collection

Variable data collection has been greatly enhanced as operators can now record variable data while offline. This is a huge advantage for manufacturing plants that either don’t have a secure communication system or where measurements need to be taken remotely.

In addition, you can now choose whether to use Nelson rules or WECO rules to monitor when your processes are going out of control. This extra flexibility is important when company guidelines and customers require it.

And So Much More

  • Improved analysis of large components: Existing components can be cut up into more discrete components based on an overlayed custom grid. This is helpful for casting and stamping operations where there are few distinct components, but there’s a need to break up large surfaces for further analysis.
  • Operator adjustable colour scheme: The operator can change the look of the data collection stations by selecting different themes. This can help in locations where screen quality and lighting make a change of colour beneficial.
  • Runtime creation of defect lists: To greatly reduce configuration time defects can be associated to components during runtime. This produces a realistic list of the defects that can be associated to each component.
  • View data analysis at inspection stations: If operators want a better understanding of the quality issues on the line and defects to look out for they can refer to fully configurable, real-time reports directly at the data collection.
  • Streamlined configuration: The entire configuration process has been overhauled in ATS Inspect 6 and every element has been revisited to give a more intuitive experience. In addition many time-saving additions have been included, such as the ability to import and copy data.

Contact us for information on all of the new features and developments in ATS Inspect 6.

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