The printed folding cartons and formed containers that we use every day to keep our food fresh require high precision manufacturing with accurate defect management. Here’s how ATS Inspect helps Burd & Fletcher achieve this.
The Product
ATS Inspect is used across the packaging industry to collect attribute data during the production process.
Operators can use mobile devices to record measurements and defects on a visual representation of the product and the information is then instantly available for analysis.

The Company
This functionality has been highly beneficial at Burd & Fletcher, a US based company manufacturing high-quality printed folding cartons and formed containers in the retail food industry.
They wanted to replace their problematic paper checklists with a time-stamped electronic checklist.
Burd & Fletcher also required the ability to instantly flag recurring defects and view the exact physical location of defects on the carton.

The Result
ATS Inspect was able to deliver on all of these counts, giving in addition the ability to analyze long term defect trends using reports that they can design and create in-house. Using ATS Inspect has reduced scrap, rework and all the related costs and is now an integral part of Burd & Fletcher’s visual quality operations.

For more information please visit ATS Inspect Microsite.