Thank you for showing your interrest in the QNX realtime operating system and the board support package for the IGEPv2 platform. Development is still ongoing and an experimental version of the board support package is already available for download.

The IGEPv2 is a BeagleBoard clone, slightly larger and with additional peripherals like e.g. ethernet connector, wifi, bluetooth and RS485. The expansion connector is compatible with the BeagleBoard. The board is manufactured by ISEE.

The BSP for the IGEPv2 has been derived from the QNX BSP for the BeagleBoard and that is the reason why most of the hardware is already supported.

The following peripherals are supported by the BSP:

  • I2C.
  • SPI.
  • Serial port.
  • USB OTG Host.
  • USB EHCI Host.
  • SD card.
  • Audio.
  • Graphics.
  • Network.
  • SGX Graphics Accelerator.

The following peripherals are under development:

  • WIFI – driver works now.
  • RS486 (not tested).
  • OneNAND flash driver.
  • IPL (development not started yet).

The following peripherals are not supported (yet):

  • Bluetooth.

Support resources:

  • Questions about QNX on the IGEPv2 can be posted in the BSP and driver section at
  • Board specific information about the IGEPv2 board can be found at IGEP platform homepage.
  • Information about the QNX realtime operating system can be found at

Download the experimental BSP for the IGEPv2 (requires short registration)
BSP Installation Notes for Momentics 6.4 BSPs
Release notes

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an experimental BSP contributed to the Foundry 27 community for reference purposes only. It is unsupported by the developer. Use at your own risk and discretion.