This MedTech manufacturer intended to achieve real-time product traceability and monitor OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) through manufacturing assembly visualization.

In addition, the customer needed fail-proofing integrated into the assembly processes, including the complete management of downtime and non-conformances.

Ignition SCADA is an industrial automation platform that is now monitoring and processing data from the customer’s process control equipment. It provides them with access to real-time, plant-floor data, making it possible for end-users to make data-driven decisions. In addition, the introduction of SQL and web-based applications as part of the SCADA platform has greatly improved their productivity, efficiency, security, and reliability.

The flexible and scalable assembly line management solution has reduced downtime and non-conformance with an integrated fail-proof mechanism. Automation created a paperless environment that brought visibility into the process while bringing standardization across the assembly lines.

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