As the manufacturing landscape has become more complex, the difficulty of keeping your production line software up to date has also increased.

On Wednesday, November 10th at 02:00 PM IST, we will investigate the pitfalls and hurdles of maintaining the software, across multiple vendors and devices, related to your PLCs, robots, DCS/SCADA/HMI and other shopfloor systems.

At the same time, we will uncover the solutions that will not only simplify your software management but will also reduce your costs and improve your security.

Register for this webinar if you would like answer to the following questions:

  • What is the current state of technology in this area?
  • Why is shopfloor version control such a minefield?
  • How can I unify and simplify version control across vendors and devices?
  • How can I ensure my shopfloor software is auditable?

This webinar will be presented by Sarla Advantech Pvt. Ltd. (ATS India) and AUVESY GmbH.

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