Integrated Production Tracking and Order Handling Enabled by ATS Bus

ATS was approached by one of the world’s largest aerospace and defence suppliers to implement a production tracking and order handling solution. It would need to do the following:

  • Send work order information between machines on the factory floor and the MES platform.
  • Track location of each part on the production line.
  • Monitor all data being transferred across the network.

ATS met these requirements by implementing ATS Bus, the Manufacturing Service Bus.

Solution Approach
All the machines on the factory floor have been linked to ATS Bus, as has the MES platform. This gives the following advantages:

  • Localised decision making: Provides networks resilience and frees up bandwidth.
  • Full data visibility: Facilitates troubleshooting network and process issues.
  • Data contextualisation: Collected data is combined with an order number and other information to add value.

Systems & Tools

  • ATS Bus

The Results

All order information is being securely transferred between the machines on the plant floor and the MES platform providing the customer with dependable business continuity.

By implementing ATS Bus the customer now also has the ability to transfer further data between the MES layer and the machine layer as their requirements increase. All future machines can be linked into Manufacturing Service Bus, giving them a simple, direct connection to the MES layer.

No matter what data needs to be collected and transmitted, ATS Bus can handle it and make it available wherever it’s needed in the plant.

Download the full case study to discover all of the benefits that ATS Bus presented.