Electric car digital quality inspection


A Swedish electric car manufacturer wanted to ensure that components manufactured by its entire supply chain would fit together before they were shipped for final assembly.

ATS CM4D was the clear choice for its feature-rich dimensional data collection, reporting and analysis and for the experience and knowledge that ATS brought to the table in both digital quality and automotive manufacturing.


Solution Approach

ATS CM4D has been implemented at three plants across Europe and at three in China. More than 100 supplier factories are sending data directly. All internal measurements and supplier measurements are automatically uploaded and analysed. Data is coming from a wide range of disparate measuring devices or by manual entry, with ATS CM4D carrying out the required translations so that all the data can be collated together, no matter its source or format.

The user has access to a wide range of actionable reports of the electric vehicle and its components, which are generated automatically on a scheduled-basis or when new data becomes available. Data can also be interrogated interactively with users able to immediately access all data for all vehicles and view the analysis in relationship to rotatable 3D CAD models These reports visualise the dimensional data in a way that is relatable and easy to understand.

Using data from different countries allows the customer to compare parts built internally with parts built by suppliers so that they can be sure that they’ll fit together before being shipped. Comparison between the same part or assembly at different factories can be made and quality improvement experiences shared. If the digital twins of components are misaligned, the operator can perform a virtual shim to see which solution will work before carrying out adjustments in the real world.

But there are other benefits. During the design phase, “real world” quality of every part and interface between parts is available to inform the designer of what really works. During prototyping, when engineers in Sweden want to make improvements and make changes to the virtual design, the redesigned parts can be built in China, measured and digitally aligned with real parts in Sweden.

With ATS CM4D the customer is bridging the virtual world of Computer Aided Design with the real world of manufacturing, allowing their engineers to collaborate and innovate around the globe as if they were in the same room.

Solution Approach

The Results

The customer has received benefits on many levels. Among them are:

  • Design cycle reduced thanks to real-time international collaboration capabilities.
  • Greatly reduced issue response times as real-time statistical analysis highlighting anomalies and trends allows process improvements to be made much faster.
  • Recording and analysing all dimensional data in one application has reduced training requirements and maintenance costs, as has the structured analysis that guides the operator through the dimensional checks.
  • Suppliers are now adopting the same methods and software leading to a more fully integrated chain

Above all else, implementing ATS CM4D and collaborating with ATS has led to a change in the quality culture within the company as they’ve been able to attain tolerances well beyond what was previously possible.


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