Availability of materials, fluctuations in demand, rising costs, labor shortages…

These are a daily threat to every manufacturer. How you manage & respond to these & other supply chain disruptions can greatly impact your efficiency and bottom line.

To have the edge over your competition, it’s necessary to strategically plan & execute, then react quickly & intelligently to changes as they occur. But, without the right tools in place, you may find yourself quickly spiralling.

With an integration of Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) & Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solutions, proper planning, execution, and operational visibility throughout the manufacturing process are optimized.

In this on-demand webinar, our team of experts presents these ideas to address your greatest production challenges:

  • The right part at the right time
  • Easily manage setup & optimize changeovers without making orders late
  • Overall “optimization approach” to scheduling
  • Manage a complex and turbulent shop-floor
  • Balance OTD and Efficiency
  • Comprehensive plant-wide schedules with dynamically synchronized operations
  • Integration with other systems for cohesive information environment
  • Managing Constraints – labor, tooling, materials
  • Visibility to supply chain
  • Proactive not reactive – Operate with more automation and clear control of workflow

Watch it now to see how your company could be overcoming these challenges.


Webinar Panelists

Neil Battarbee
Account Management
CAI Manufacturing Solutions

  • 20 years in Enterprise Software Industry
  • Deep sales and services background
  • Responsible for strategic accounts and customer success
  • Located in Portland, Maine

Hans Albright
VP, Sales & Marketing
ATS Lean Scheduling International

  • 30 years in manufacturing systems
  • 20 years designing and implementing APS and ERP solutions
  • Technical and services background
  • Located in Springfield, Massachusetts