A Rapid Deployment Solution for Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)

Market pressure, demand for high quality, attention to reduce manufacturing costs, improve operational efficiencies are some of the examples of the continuous challenges that our customers face every day.Nowadays digitalization has to be at core of modern production practices for efficient management of manufacturing operations, both for big companies and small & medium enterprises, which are continuously facing business challenges:

  • Ensure Product Quality and Reduce Risk of Errors in Production
  • Meet Regulations and Traceability needs
  • Improve Efficiency and Reduce Cycle Time
  • Deliver on Time to Customers
  • Reduce Waste and Scrap
  • Support Efficient Product Customization in MTO/ETO contexts and Accelerate New Product Introduction
  • Reduce Costs and Improve Margins

Digital manufacturing software solutions bring tangible business value to manufacturers in managing shop-floor manufacturing operations in terms of production, quality, inventory and maintenance.

Digitalization helps job shop supervisors to organize daily production, increase productive time and optimize resources; in the shop floor, operators receive all the information they need to do their job fast and with no mistakes.

Rapid MOM

ATS offers Rapid MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) for small and medium-sized discrete manufacturers who need to streamline production, increase productive time and optimize resources through the effective allocation and monitoring of assets, resources and labor while minimizing costly IT consulting services and reducing the impact on HW infrastructure requirements.


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Core MOM Modules

Production Process and Flow Control

  • Define the manufacturing process
  • Manage Work Orders and provide instructions to operators on screens and tables
  • Dispatch information to the right people, at the right time, in the right place

Material Management

  • Trace material consumptions, tool usage and validate assembly of critical components

Tracking and Genealogy

  • Production activities and quality data are electronically declared and registered
  • Full traceability, status of production and KPIs are accessible in the application

Non Conformance Management

  • Trace defects and quality issues
  • Hold the order for shipping until repair is completed

ATS Rapid MOM is an intuitive and easy-to-use system addressing most common manufacturing usage scenarios with minimal requirements.


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Additional Modules

Integrate MOM with PLM

  • Download production process information

Integrate MOM with ERP

  • Download list of production orders to be executed
  • Backflush end of production of finished goods and update inventory in ERP

Planning and Scheduling Module

  • Plan production, allocate resources and define the optimal schedule

Connect MOM to CNC machines for dispatching parts programs and recipes

Collect data from equipment for downtime and performance analysis, and to support maintenance operations

How do we do it?

ATS Rapid MOM is based on Siemens Opcenter Execution ( Discrete or Process) Unified Architecture Discrete product, an out-of-the-box MOM that provides supervisors with WIP visibility and operators with the correct work instructions at the right time.


All included features are only a few clicks away from the user and are made available by means of configuration; integration is supported to connect third party DNC systems, ERP and PLM.

The product is designed to have a very short learning curve and users do not require special IT expertise. From an IT perspective, it requires minimal effort: a straightforward setup procedure assists the system administrator during installation, initial configuration and connection to other systems as required, and in routine maintenance tasks, such as managing usernames and roles. The system has minimal hardware requirements and can be downsized to a standard industrial PC. Its user interface is fully web-based, meaning no installation is required and offering independence from client device operating systems.


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