An effective planning and scheduling process is your gateway to optimizing your production capacities. Scheduling is at the heart of “getting the most out of available resources”. For ‘Machine Tool’ manufacturers and end users, it is a complex exercise which is a function of several dynamic business rules like finite capacities, availability of skilled operators, tools, equipment availability, semi-finished products, raw materials, inventory levels and more.

Is it possible to accurately compute all permutations and combinations in a spreadsheet and come up with the optimum schedule to accelerate your business?

The equation becomes far more complex when you consider the disruption in supply chain dynamics and other uncertainties due to the pandemic.

Join us on a quest to explore Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) as a solution for:

  • Reducing WIP, Stock & Waste
  • Rapid Schedule Modelling
  • Scenario Comparisons
  • Semi-Automatic Scheduling and Visualization
  • Improving On-time Delivery

Feel free to reach out to Martijn for further information at [email protected].

Webinar Panelist


Armin Fahnle
Regional Manager at ATS Global BV

Armin joined ATS Applied Tech Systems as its Australian Country Manager and Managing Director in October 2015 following it’s acquisition of Integrated Automation.


Martijn Donkersloot
APS Business Development Manager at ATS Global B.V.

Martijn has a wealth of experience from working with manufacturers of all types for over a decade to define and implement Advanced Planning and Scheduling projects.

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