Learn the benefits, considerations and pitfalls of migrating from a paper-based inspection system to an electronic data collection and analysis software package in the automotive industry.

You will also see a live interaction, with a leading digital inspection application, demonstrating how your personnel could be entering data and the improved analysis that can be gained from it.

So, join us for all of the following:

  • Benefits and pitfalls of switching to a digital inspection solution
  • Identifying your current cost of quality
  • How to prepare for launch and configuration
  • Real world examples and wisdom

If you have and questions, feel free to reach out to Marco for further information at [email protected].

Webinar Panelist

Mr. Marco Nanninga
Sales Enablement Leader at ATS Applied Tech Systems

Marco has a wealth of experience from working with manufacturers of all types for more than a decade to define and implement projects to improve the capture and use of quality data.

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