“The training kicked off on 2nd January and I can tell you with confidence I really don’t like getting up, out in the dark and cold. BUT I am doing it and 5 weeks in I can see I am improving and dare I say it I am starting to enjoy it. The reason I am taking on 26.2 miles (the .2 is very important) is because I would like to raise awareness and much need funds for the charity Meningitis Now. As a family we have had some experience of Meningitis. My brother aged 18 months was incredibly lucky to have been diagnosed quickly by the local GP and rushed to hospital for treatment. He spent 3 weeks in hospital fighting the virus and thankfully survived. Being only just 4 years old my memories of that time are very limited, but I do remember my parents being away from home a lot. This was 38 years ago. Tom is healthy and now has a family of his own. We were lucky.

Sadly, this wasn’t our last experience of meningitis. Our family friends, Ronnie and Harriet, lost their 14-year-old son to Meningococcal Septicaemia a form of Type B Bacterial Meningitis in 1995. Being the same age and having grown up together and shared so many memories, I just couldn’t believe that this young man full of life and with so many years ahead was no longer with us. At the time my Mum said to me, “Andy is no longer able to live his life, so you must live each day for you and for him”. I didn’t understand this at the time, but as the years have gone on it has made so much sense to me. With our birthdays so close together (February 7 & March 13) I have always tried to celebrate momentous times with him in my mind. Ideally, I would have liked to have done this in our 40th year, but lockdown had other plans. So a little bit behind schedule, I am happy to finally be able to get the trainers on and give this challenge a go to celebrate the life of both, my brother Tom and Andy.

Sarah let us know that she is delighted to tell you all, that she now officially has become a marathon runner and completed the TCS London Marathon in 4:55:31. The total amount raised for “Meningitis Now” currently stands at £4902.00. Which is an incredible amount of money, thank you all very much for the support. It was an incredible experience and a memory’ I will cherish for a lifetime.

Marathon 1

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