Managing your Data Center Infrastructure is a complex challenge that requires a comprehensive solution. There is a lot of DCIM software on the market that claims to be the right fit for you, but how can you be sure it is?

The first task is to set out the issues you seek to gain from the DCIM solution. In this ebook we’ll look at the top 10 issues that you may face and how they can be resolved by Data Center Infrastructure Management software.

They are the following:

  • Monitoring the General Performance of Data Center Assets
  • Accurately Billing Clients: Estimated vs Actual
  • Knowing Your Worst Failover Scenario
  • Managing Energy Costs
  • Knowing Your IT Resource Capacity and Processes
  • Uniting Disparate Systems
  • Unidentifiable Wire Network Structure
  • Identifying Data Center Assets
  • Manual Reporting
  • Knowing Where to Apply CAPEX and OPEX Expenditure

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