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Jistě máte datové centrum chráněné proti požáru…

Jistě máte datové centrum chráněné proti požáru… Ale co ochrana před kybernetickými útoky? Všechna (poměrně nová) datová centra mají protipožární ochranu vestavěnou v konstrukci budovy. Systémy včasného varování a automatické hasicí systémy pracující s velmi drahým inertním plynem zajišťují, že každý požár bude zjištěn a uhašen [...]

Jistě máte datové centrum chráněné proti požáru…2022-05-03T10:04:30+00:00

Going Paperless: Implementing Digital Quality in Casting

The Problem with Paper-Based Inspections To understand the benefits of digital quality inspections in casting we need to first look at the paper-based alternative. Most foundries, whether investment casting, sand casting, die casting or permanent mold, perform visual inspections of cast parts throughout the production process. These inspections could take place in Shake-Out, Finishing, FPI, [...]

Going Paperless: Implementing Digital Quality in Casting2019-11-06T13:37:29+00:00

Gartners Market Guide to MES/MOM

ATS BLOG Gartner's Market Guide to MES/MOM It’s always good to step back and read Gartner’s reports on our industry. As industry analysts they have great access to industry leaders and a way of distilling their thoughts into readable documents. Gartner’s magic quadrant is their own invention [...]

Gartners Market Guide to MES/MOM2021-05-27T09:02:36+00:00

Automation Application Engineer

Apply now Location: Aguascalientes, Ags. Mexico Type employment: Full time, permanent position Education: BS in Electrical Engineering or equivalent experience Experience: 3 - 5 Years of experience in related field Department: Software Development Come see how different and irresistible we are. Join our team and experience our unique spirit! OUR COMPANY - the profile ATS [...]

Automation Application Engineer2021-07-27T07:07:36+00:00
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