The order came from a global manufacturer of wind turbines. They have a complete in-house engineering department in the Netherlands where they develop new technologies to be applied on wind farms to achieve durable and sustainable energy. The technology behind the wind turbine is based on the highly advanced direct drive (gearless) technology.The company has offices in the UK, India, Sweden, USA and the Netherlands. This makes it an international orientated company with focus areas in China, USA/Canada, Brazil and Europe (mainly The Netherlands, UK, Poland and Sweden).

The customer downloaded the Cogent DataHub, a product in our ATS product distribution portfolio to investigate if the program had potential to help them get a stable connection between a central Control System and the local OPC Servers, without usage of DCOM. In every wind turbine an OPC server is installed. Hence the potential for more.

What they found was that OPC DataHub has a Tunneling functionality, which enables them to achieve this connectivity without any problem. Cogent supplied the customer with three time limited OPC DataHub licenses and provided support where needed.

Cogent datahub