One of multinational information technology corporations has signed a global purchasing agreement with ATS for ATS CM4D using a SaaS model solution.
Above: Quality in the Cloud. How it works.

SaaS stands for Software as a Service and is now generally referred to as a cloud solution. This involves ATS CM4D being accessed by means of an offsite ATS Cloud Server that hosts the application and storage of data. In addition, we have provided a means of easily uploading the collected data from customer to the cloud environment for processing and storage in ATS CM4D.

Customer has plans to run 2 groups of production lines. Each group is composed of 44 machines which create the features on the front and back of the laptop cover. There are 4 terminal outputs for each group creating 8 lines of production total. The data from these 8 lines will be measured by the Micro View 2D/3D scanning system.

ATS CM4D is being used to provide 4 different types of reports for each line: Quick Check, Summary, Trend, and XMR control charts. In addition, there will be an overall Summary report which shows the quality of data on a machine basis for each major group. By using ATS CM4D Scheduler, these reports will be automatically updated in PDF form on a timed basis. Meanwhile, Event Smith will send email alerts to interested users who are monitoring certain behavioural patterns of recently measured data. Using this system, customer will be able to easily monitor the quality and process capability of their production lines and spot features and machines within production that need improvement.

Our customer is manufacturing laptops on the first plant, new plants will include desktops and tablets, already being implemented and backed up by an international ATS team from China, USA and UK.