Are you lost in all industrial communication possibilities and industrial communication components? Why should I choose PROFIBUS or PROFINET and do I choose a copper, glass fibre or wireless connection? And does the protocol meet the demands of my application in the first place? ATS is your pro-active partner during the design phase of your automation system. Our experience has taught us most disorders could have been prevented by correct engineering. How to create an installation that is “Fit for purpose” is the first step. To create an installation that is “Fit for the future” is another step that often suffers by lack of attention.

Due to experience on all levels of the industrial automation our engineers are able to foresee future bottlenecks, so that steering to this can be done early in the design process.
The correct synergy with the existing installation, which possible already includes multiple communication protocols, is of most importance.

The ATS CoE-IC provides technical support in the design of network configuration and component selection.