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Produits papiers pour consommateurs

Ce grand fabricant de produits consommables construit des machines spéciales pour toutes sortes de produits papiers, tels que des couches culottes et des mouchoirs.Les ingénieurs ATS partici-pent de façon réguliere a de grands projets ayant pour but la constante amélioration de l'efficacité des machines installées a travers le monde et l'implémentation des nouvelles technologies de contrôle [...]

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Lean Transformation in a Paper Mill

Our customer, a paper mill with 2 paper machines and over 200 employees, head quartered in Brussels rolled out a LEAN transformation program for their paper mills, sheet and corregators manufacturing facilities. LEAN is believed to be the key enabler for better service quality, flexibility to compete more effectively. ATS Success Story Project duration: 1 [...]

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Consumer Paper Products

This major manufacturer of consumer products produces special machines for all paper products such as nappies (diapers) and tissues. ATS engineers are involved in major ongoing projects to constantly improve the efficiency of machines installed worldwide and to implement new control technologies on new equipment. In addition to PLC, HMI and SCADA applications ATS has also [...]

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