ATS International is pleased to announce the meeting of the Inspect users from around the world at the 2016 ATS Inspect User Group Conference.This conference offers a great opportunity to meet other users of Inspect and share best practices with them. All the attendees have a chance to see the presentations by other users as to their use of ATS Inspect software at their facilities. Also they can learn about all the new functionality being introduced in the new release V6.0 and review and discuss long term Inspect development roadmap.

This event provides direct input to the ATS Inspect development team as to the feature requests and improvements. All the Inspect users can also attend the training sessions on specific topics and functionality within Inspect so they can benefit more from the software. It also includes a discussion of new 6.0 release schedule and its preparations for upgrade.

Please find more information about this 2016 ATS Inspect User Group Conference.

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