When you push the boundaries of technology to the limits in order to extract that all important additional increment in engine performance, you also challenge the boundaries of what parts can and cannot be made. Advanced precision production processes are what results.Add into this mix the factor that all components have to undergo stringent quality control procedures because the whole product is safety critical and you have a data collection nightmare.

Not so at one of the world’s leading aero engine manufacturers.

Company engaged ATS a number of years ago and together we set about developing and deploying some of the world’s leading data collection and six sigma analysis tools to support the production process. As a result manufacturer have achieved significant business returns.

The tools used include:

  • Process data collection direct from the machine PLCs or NC controller with in-line analysis
  • Machine monitoring
  • CMM (co-ordinate measurement machines)
  • Visual inspection tools and defect cluster analysis
  • In-line SPC tools
  • Various operational dashboards

Each tool is used both individually and as part of a whole process “closed loop” control system.

To carry these systems, ATS have designed and deployed the complete suite of necessary IT infrastructure – ATS Industrial PCs, ATS Resilient Factory Servers, Industrial Ethernet networking, security policies, operating procedures, 24/7 support procedure, ERP and PLM systems integrations, etc, etc. ATS have even helped manufacturer move into several new factories.

ATS now support manufacturer in a total of 13 facilities in both Europe and the USA.