George is on the cusp of getting into the British swimming team to represent the UK at major events, maybe even the Olympics.

Martin’s report: „In addition to the swim we also had to walk across the isles, to start the next leg of the swim. Conditions were rough;Lisa ended up in hospital after having an asthma attack in the water, but she managed to rejoin and finish the swim. We even managed a few ‘skins’ swims and with the water at 14C that can be quite challenging.

Day 0. Before staring the official swim we have to complete an acclimatisation swim, to see if you are ready to take on the challenge of the cold and the distance.

Day 1, first leg of 5 swims. Conditions were rough, Lisa ended up in hospital after having an Asthma attack in the water. I carried on (after making sure she was OK) to complete the remaining 2 swims of the day, finishing in Bryher.

Start of Day 2, The weather is fantastic and Lisa is back onboard. We have 9 kms left to swim including the long 6 km swim from Bryher to St Agnes in open ocean.

Day 3, Final swim just 3km left to go. From the GPS snapshot you can see on this the power of the currents around the islands, to enter the bay we had to head way to the left of it.

If we didn’t swim hard enough we would have missed the entrance to the bay and we would have been swept away down the coast.

And this is what Lisa looked like after completing the swim in skins; this time with hyperthermia. On the bright side she has now qualification for the English channel swim (Yes really). The lady holding Lisa is an ocean/channel swimming superstar, her name is Beth French.

As always ATS has generously supported me in challenge. As for George  (George Kelman Johns)  he is absolutely over the moon with everybody’s support, so a big thank you from George, and of course from Lisa and I.

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