The ATS Flexair Flowmeter is an air/electronic instrument for Accurate Miniature Hole Measurement in a range of materials from Rubber and Plastic to Composite and Metal. User friendly, fast and accurate are main attributes to this system. The tri-coloured column display gives instant feed-back on pass/fail to nominal settings.

How ATS Flexair Flowmeter Works

Watch the short video demonstration.

  • Fast, efficient and accurate means of measuring small holes using low-pressure air
  • Built-in air filtration and regulation thus providing a plug and play instrument
  • Aluminium enclosure protected for shop-floor use
  • RS232 Output for data collection
  • PLC control output

Utilised within the pharmaceutical, plastics, aerosol, automotive, fuel, gas and many more industries.

The Features and Benefits of the Flexair Electronic Flowmeters

Small Hole Inspection

Hole diameters of 0.157” (4mm) or smaller are very difficult if not impossible to inspect with mechanical gauges or non-contact inspection equipment. Flexair is designed to quickly measure holes “comparatively” down to 0.002” (0.05mm).

Air / Electronic System

This instrument combines the speed, accuracy and versatility of electronics with all of the performance attributed to pneumatics.

Comparative Measurement

Flexair performs very quick and extremely accurate comparative measurement. Absolute measurement can also be obtained by using the RS232 output for special applications.

Low Pressure Output

Low 138mb output pressure allows inspection of soft or flexible components without distortion. Minimised shop air consumption. Dramatically improves inspection throughput. Minimises set-up time for component changes.

Compact Size

Dimensions: 464mm H x 68mm W x 200mm D – Minimum space required to position on work benches or to be installed in automated in-process inspection.

Tri-Coloured Column

Easy to see status changes: GREEN = Acceptable Range, AMBER = Approach Limits, RED = Reject

Digital Display

Clear and easy to read characters. Displays Menu Functions including Calibration. Instructions

Membrane Buttons

Makes setup quick and accurate. Provides durability in shopfloor environment.

Tamper-proof Design

No knobs or switches to be changed or adjusted during production cycle.

Built-in Integrated Filter & Regulator

Plug and Play solution with accurate air pressure adjustments.

RS232 Output

Switchable between single output by pressing the red button on the front or continuous data-send.

I/O Control Ports

Output a relay electrical signal for PLC control or connection to footswitch.

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