Collect, analyze and report attribute data in your casting processes where defect information is critical to the production of quality parts.

Catch Defects. Improve Quality. Reduce Costs.

Every foundry collects data but few use it effectively. Most record their data using paper and pencil and then key that data into a spreadsheet to create a minimal set of reports that are not produced in real time. If the issues aren’t identified and the root causes aren’t addressed then product quality issues such as porosity, inclusions, flash, short material and cold flow can keep recurring.

ATS Inspect
allows you to carry out a smart digital transformation of your inspection process by replacing this ineffective system with paperless data collection. All inspection data is immediately made available for analysis via web-based reporting which allows you to identify where you should invest your time and what the root causes of defects and scrap really are.

With ATS Inspect you don’t just collect data – you use data to affect true process improvement and reduce costs.


Improve Right First Time

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ATS Inspect – Metal Casting

Product quality issues are highlighted quickly and precisely on 2D images or 3D CAD models of your products. Variable data, such as weight, wall thickness, hole diameters and other measurements is also collected and analysed to ensure they stay within specified limits.

The issues are fed back directly to the source of the problem in near real-time, via screens on the production line or overhead displays, so that corrective action can be taken, such as injection pressure changes, gating changes, chemistry adjustments or other modifications that will prevent defects from occurring.


inspect cad


Prevent Defective Products from Leaving the Plant

A gating system, aided by a guided inspection, ensures that every product leaves the plant exactly as your customer expects. The decision to release a product can either be made manually by an operator or it can be decided automatically by ATS Inspect which will send its decision to your Manufacturing Enterprise System.

ATS Inspect also utilizes electronic checklists to ensure all required visual checks, measurements and other critical information are captured during an inspection. Wall thickness measurements, hole presence and diameter and other documentation is prompted for as an inspector moves through the checklist.

A Digital Thread for Traceability

If your castings are serialized, you can easily capture the serial number associated with each part. ATS Inspect then creates and builds a “digital thread” for each part as it passes through the production process.

Defects and repairs are collected throughout all your inspection points and combined into one record. If your customer calls with a question regarding a specific part you supplied, you can retrieve and view the entire part inspection and rework history in a matter of seconds.

If your process allows for repairs such as weld and blend, you can review the entire history of what cracks or other defects were found, whether they were repaired and whether the repairs were “bought off’.

casting data multiple defects

Faster Inspections

A streamlined visual inspection process, customized to fit with the needs of your plant, allows operators to work more effectively and gives you a complete analysis of your product quality in less time.

We know that entering data within the limitations of your cycle time is paramount. A complete inspection takes only a few moments and will not sacrifice production speed for data.

Scheduled and Event Driven Reporting

Up-to-the-minute reports can be scheduled to be sent to the relevant people at regular intervals automatically. Do you need that report on your desk first thing Monday morning? It’ll be there.

Personnel can also be instantly informed of quality issues, such as recurring defects, via e‐mail and static display devices like overhead monitors.

inspect notification

Fast Return on Investment

When investing in new technology it is important to know when you’ll make your money back and where that money will come from. With ATS Inspect you have a clear path to your Return on Investment.

The near real-time product quality analysis provided by ATS Inspect allows you to feedback issues to the source and reduce scrap and rework costs. It also gives you the overview of trends and repeated issues that will enable you to implement effective process improvements which will lead to a fast ROI.

Improve and Protect Brand Reputation

Consistently high product quality gives your current and potential customers confidence that you will always deliver your product as requested.

ATS Inspect will ensure that your products meet and exceed your customers expectations every time.