ATS Applied Tech Systems is excited to announce our organization will be a Supporting Sponsor of MESA International’s 2015 North American Conference this May 4th-6th in Charlotte, NC. The event is co-located at Industry Week Best Plants Conference & Expo, which gives attendees two full conferences with a single ticket. The co-location of these events gives you access to a complete package of tools, strategies, best practices, and IT solutions to improve your operations – all in one event.

MESA knows that continuous improvement gains stick longer when backed up with modern-day solutions that drive value in the plants and across the enterprise.

ATS is a “Keystone Sponsor” of MESA International and will be showcasing our Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) capabilities at this North American Conference.

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About ATS

ATS is an Independent Solution Provider, with more than 25 years of experience and a wealth of experience undertaking continuous improvement initiatives and Manufacturing IT solution design, deployments and 24/7 support assignments.