ATS Global B.V. is proud to announce the release of the latest version of ATS Inspect, its visual quality inspection software.

25 Years in the Making

This version is ATS Inspect 6.4 SP4, but it is not just a minor Service Pack – it’s the culmination of a quarter of a century of real customer experience, development and innovation. Any company deploying ATS Inspect is gifted the knowledge and experience of some of the world’s most advanced manufacturers.

Having grown from the desire to improve the identification and communication of product quality issues, ATS Inspect has kept pace with emerging technologies and it continues to break boundaries and lead the field with each new release.

Over the years ATS Inspect has taken many leaps forward, keeping it at the front of the pack, such as when it introduced electronic checklists way back in version 4. Greater still was the ability, announced in version 6, to highlight quality issues on a 3D CAD model of the product being inspected.

ATS Inspect has always come with powerful web-based reporting capabilities built in. Now, that data can be made available in the Cloud, through the IT/OT connectivity of ATS Bus. This has made it possible for analysis to be performed using Business Intelligence tools as well as by Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Future Developments

And that’s where we are now. By combining ATS Inspect with Artificial Intelligence we already have a cognitive visual inspection solution that can automatically identify quality issues. Going even further forward, development is almost complete on an ATS Inspect extension that can predict where quality issues are most likely to occur and what type they’ll be, allowing operators to focus their inspections more effectively.

ATS Inspect has never stopped evolving and, by leading in its field through innovation, it will continue to be a cornerstone of our customers’ product quality and continuous improvement initiatives.

Visual Inspection Using CAD Image