Having seen Quality Inspection Software – ATS Inspect in action in their North American automotive plants, a leading car manufacturer has teamed up with ATS for deployment in their Mexican plants. They were impressed by the benefits of the system which led directly to the North American manufacturer winning the JD Power Initial Quality Award and placement of their product at the top of the Consumer Reports ratings.The customer is implementing ATS Inspect across three separate plants to record and analyze quality concerns originating from their quality inspections and automated tests. The visual user interface will speed up the data entry with the precise location of defects. The multiple language support will help when sharing information between local and global teams. Option-check inspectors will be able to walk around and inside the unit while validating that the correct parts were assembled, and immediately put those units with wrong parts in quarantine. Online repairs will be carried out to decrease the delivery time of the product to their customers, while boosting their productivity rates. The automated tests will send the pass/fail results along with the fault codes, so the repair team members know exactly what is wrong with the unit in turn.

ATS Inspect’s reporting and analysis capabilities will also be a great boon to the customer. Reports can be generated about all the quality issues that ATS Inspect handles, from the number of defects in an entire plant down to the details of a single issue on a specific unit and these reports can be called up anywhere. This means that an operator on the production line can respond immediately when trends emerge while information can be reviewed from another country at a management level. Daily reports are emailed to production and quality managers, so they have the latest information on their desks before production starts. Getting on top of problems before they occur means that they will be able to stay in control of their quality.