ATS Global B.V. is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Applify DOOEL in Macedonia. ATS extends the software development team for ATS ADOS with this latest addition to the group.

Applify DOOEL renamed ATS Macedonia

ATS already employs software developers and testers for the ATS ADOS Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing Solution in many countries globally. In this latest move ATS Global has acquired 100% of the share capital in Applify DOOEL that specialised in software solutions for the printing industry. The team is a welcome addition that increases software development capacity to meet increasing demand for ATS ADOS.

Tomislav Trajkovski, the previous owner shown on the right in the photo beneath, shaking hands with Ron Vegter, ATS Global’s CFO. Applify BV in The Netherlands continues to support the existing customer base. ATS has significantly increased near shore development with the acquisition.


ATS ADOS is a suite of applications for Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0. It contains all ATS developed software and is a natural progression of our drive to integrate the functionality of the software products.

When used together they are able to collect and analyse any data type gathered from any number of operations and transfer the processed information to wherever it is needed.

The unique proposition of ATS ADOS is that it will analyse your production data and map it across the value chain to determine the best fit to optimize production operations.

Increased Data Crossover

ATS ADOS is about opening borders so that the data collected by one application can be utilised by all the others. Our team will look for the potential value in your data beyond the use for which it was initially collected. In many cases the lines between attribute, dimensional and operational can be crossed over quite freely. Working with ATS ADOS your data will tell you more than you ever thought it could.

Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Unlike political revolutions, industrial revolutions take place over decades and you may not even realise you’re part of it until it’s already taken place. Rather than simply watching the developments from the side lines, ATS has made a conscious decision to be part of this industrial revolution by leading developments in the field of manufacturing data collection, transmission, reporting and analysis.

ATS ADOS already contains many tools that companies around the globe find invaluable and they will continue to be developed and added to in line with the principles and aims of Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 to keep us as market leaders in our field.

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Ron Vegter and Tomislav Trajkovski
ATS ATS ADOS Communication Diagram
Ron Vegter and Tomislav Trajkovski ATS ADOS Communication Diagram