ATS Applied Tech Systems is proud to exhibit at the world’s premier event for Measurement Technology Professionals, the 31st Annual Coordinate Metrology Society Conference (CMSC) during July 20 – 23, 2015. ATS will be showcasing the use of ATS software products in world-class manufacturing companies.

ATS CM4D The Next Dimension in 3D Analysis, ATS CM4D is a suite of software applications designed to fill the gap between the virtual design world of Computer Aided Design and the physical world of manufacturing. CM4D software allows you to compile all your dimensional data from CMMs, Faro arms, simulations and other measurement systems into a single database. CM4D’s powerful analysis module then provides you with a flexible tool to statistically analyze your data and produce customizable web based reports. It highlights differences between the geometric design specification and the ‘as built’ data from a manufactured item. Tackling these issues allows manufacturers to attain the highest quality possible.

To thank those who stop by the booth, ATS will offer special pilot packages for CMSC attendees who would like an opportunity to try out ATS software products at your own facility after visiting with us.

The Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference (CMSC) is unique. While the trade show emphasizes on sales, the focus is on technical education via practical and academic technical presentations, workshops and seminars filled with the most up-to-date portable coordinate measurement system hardware and software, and service companies that know how to apply that equipment to your tasks.

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