ATS Microflow PC

The new Microflow PC is a PC-driven air-electronic flowmeter for the comparative measurement of small through holes in rubber, plastic, metal, ceramic and composite materials. The Microflow has 2 x air outlets, which can be used simultaneously or independently for varying hole sizes. All measurements are comparative to a known size or area. Features and [...]

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ATS Advanced Reporting Services

Enhance your Microsoft SSRS® reporting abilities with ATS Advanced Reporting Services. Building on the powerful tools already available in SSRS®, ATS Advanced Reporting Services also gives you the following capabilities. Multiple Report Configurations In many instances several people will want to view the same report in different ways. For instance, line leaders may wish to view [...]

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ATS MI Data Pro Client

Completing the ATS MI Client Range, the MI Data Pro Client offers customers Intel® Core 2 Duo performance in a client foot-print that is less than 50mm larger than the Intel® Atom based ATS MI Data Client! As with the MI Data Client, the MI Data Pro Client provides extensive physical communication capabilities, with multiple RS-232, [...]

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ATS MI Data Client

Our range of industrial-grade fan-less computer systems based on the energy efficient Intel Atom CPU. Their sealed fan-less design prevent the harming effects of dust and dirt from inhibiting the performance on these systems. Built to withstand harsh, hot, environments, these systems will keep working in temperatures up to 55°C (131°F), as long as there [...]

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