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Simulation of a Water Treatment Plant

This ATS Project involved developing a process behavior simulation of a Water Treatment Plant for the DSP (Direct Sheet Plant) at a steel giant in The Netherlands.The aim of the project was to deliver a PICS Pro simulation, including the PICS Pro product, to fully function test the new control system. Duration of development of this [...]

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Efficient Product Handling

Fast Efficient Solutions to support Lean Production. A key ingredient in achieving Lean Production operations is having good work practices to monitor and move the product (and components) around the factory. Anyone who has ever worked in a high volume/high speed operation will vouch for this. Organizing product flows, maintaining buffer stocks and keeping track [...]

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Line Flexibity Project

When you’ve designed a production line to meet a given output level and your customer demand reaches more than double that level, you’re working three shifts, seven days a week and you still can’t keep up, you need to take action. You essentially have two choices – you invest in a second line or you [...]

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Für einen Betrieb der spezialisiert ist in den Verkauf von Chemikalien an Unternehmungen, die Wasser für Industriekühlung und Erhitzungswechselsysteme verwenden. Die Effizienz der Systeme sollte überprüft werden.Dafür wurden mobile Testsysteme konstruiert, mit denen beim Kunden vor Ort die Wasserqualität überprüft werden konnte. Der Kunde hatte keine Erfahrung mit dem für das Testsystem notwendigen Steuerungs- und SCADA-System. [...]

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