”A report designed from experiences and best practices based on facts rather than opinions”

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The ATS MES End User Experiences Report provides manufacturing companies an overview of experiences and best practices in the area of Manufacturing Execution Systems. The information and experiences used for this report are from End Users only, not from vendors or system integrators. Learn from your peers and order the report today.

Starting an MES program raises many questions and it is hard to find a single best implementation methodology. The ATS MES End User Report provides some recommendations distillated from the implementation experiences from 67 multinational manufacturing companies. The 123 pages report is a market leading research document. Questions answered include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • How was the solution implemented?
  • What technical standards are other manufacturing organisations use and why?
  • What does the MES decision-making process look like at other companies?
  • What are their main successes & pitfalls with MES?
  • Does MES really deliver what vendors are preaching?
  • What makes an MES implementation successful?
  • Which direction are other manufacturing organisations taking in order to get the most out of MES?
  • How is MES aligned with continuous improvement programs and other strategic initiatives?

The End Users involved in the MES Research are from around the globe and from different industries.

ATS MES Report


– Aerospace & defence
– Automotive
– Chemicals
– Consumer products
– Electronics
– Food & Beverage
– Forest products
– Industrial
– Life Sciences
– Metals & Mining
– Rubber
– Semiconductors

The ATS MES End User Experiences Report includes information, experiences and best practices in the area of MES at the following aspects:

  • MES Initiatives
  • Infrastructure
  • MES Functions
  • MES Program / Project
  • Education
  • Partners
  • Software selection
  • Financial (Investments/benefits)
  • Additional information (I.e ISA standards)

The ATS MES End User Experiences Report is available for US$ 695 including taxes.

Special deal: Order an MES Awareness & Introduction workshop and receive the exclusive report for free.

An MES Awareness & Introduction workshop covers:

  • Building understanding of MES by explaining MES according to the MESA model and ISA-95 standards.
  • Introduction on the (strategic) market developments and overview of the main products available in today’s MES market. ATS’s experience with these products are shared and discussed.
  • How to align all stakeholders in your operations when realizing an MES deployment.
  • Introduction of MES benefits and best practice realization examples.
  • How to build a successful MES roadmap incorporating your Continuous Improvement Initiatives.

The price of the MES Awareness & Introduction workshop is US$ 2000 (a day).

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