A distribution agreement has been signed between ATS International B.V. and Shanghai Gongtu Information Technology Co.,Ltd. for the introduction of ATS Software Quality Products in the Chinese market. GongTu is already an established figure within the automotive manufacturing industry in China and that is where it will now be promoting ATS products such as ATS CM4D and ATS Inspect. Customers of GongTu such as Honeywell、ZF、TRW and Cummins will soon be able to experience the benefits of the quality operations solutions that ATS offers.

Wei Kun, who manages all ATS distributors in China, says “During the expansion of ATS operations in China, we have learned that the market demands the support of local channels for foreign products. GongTu already has the structure, the business and trust of multiple automotive companies that can benefit from the use of our products, so we see this partnership as a significant growth opportunity for both companies. We are very excited about our new relationship with GongTu, and will support them as much as we possibly can to penetrate the automotive market in China in the upcoming years.”

“There is a significant differentiation between the excellent ATS Products and the existed quality improving software products on Chinese market, we will recommend to and help the Chinese customers to get the better awareness and application of ATS CM4D and ATS Inspect, I believe the corporation with ATS will provide the quality improvement of many Chinese enterprises in future”, says GongTu General Manager.

ATS Inspect - Touch Screen ATS CM4D - Classic Reporting ATS Inspect - See the Quality
ATS CM4D - Design, Make, Compare
ATS Inspect – Touch Screen ATS CM4D – Reporting Product Logos

About ATS International B.V.

ATS is an independent solution provider for industrial and process automation, quality and IT, with over 25 years in the manufacturing systems arena. The Company has a wealth of experience undertaking continuous improvement initiatives and manufacturing IT solution design, deployments and 24/7 support assignments. ATS Inspect is the quality control software for attribute and variable data collection in manufacturing. ATS CM4D is a single automated solution which compares the physical product with its original CAD design and identifies differences to make sure the produced parts match. It allows dimensional data analysis from any device. For more information about ATS please visit our website at www.ats-global.com.

About GongTu

GongTu is the enterprise production, the quality information solutions in the field of service providers, the company by a team of professional, experienced, efficient, high-quality talent team, rich experience in the quality of the industry management . For more information please visit our website at www.sh-gongtu.com.cn.


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