4 out of 10 largest 2013 automobile producing companies are using ATS’s products in their quality management and reporting:

1. Toyota- Vehicles Produced (2013): 10,104,424

    • 2. General Motors- Vehicles Produced (2013): 9,285,425
    • 3. Volkswagen- Vehicles Produced (2013): 9,254,742
    • 4. Hyundai- Vehicles Produced (2013): 7,126,413

5. Ford- Vehicles Produced (2013): 5,595,483
6. Nissan- Vehicles Produced (2013): 4,889,379
7. Honda- Vehicles Produced (2013): 4,110,857

    • 8. Peugeot SA- Vehicles Produced (2013): 2,911,764
    • 9. Suzuki -Vehicles Produced (2013): 2,893,602
    10. Renault- Vehicles Produced (2013): 2,676,226

The software products are ATS CM4D and/or ATS Inspect.

Toyota, the world’s largest automaker, was founded in 1937 by Kiichito Toyota. Today, Toyota is the world’s largest producer of trucks, and the second largest manufacturer of cars, just behind Volkswagen. As of 2013, Toyota is also the thirteenth-largest company in the world by revenue. The largest listed company in Japan by market capitalization and revenue, Toyota has also one of the largest conglomerates in the world- the TMC. The company produced a total of 10,104,424 vehicles in 2013, which included the manufacture of 8,381,968 cars. The company has revenue of $224.49 billion.

Ford is the second largest automaker in the US and the seventh largest car producer in the world. A total of 5,595,483 vehicles were produced in the year 2013, which includes several models of cars, trucks, and buses. The company had total revenue of $134.25 billion in 2013. This multinational automaker is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, and sells automobiles and commercial vehicles under its brand, and most of its luxury offerings under the Lincoln brand. Also listed on the New York Stock Exchanges, it is described as one of the most important industrial company in the history of America.

Nissan is a Japanese multinational automobile company headquartered in Yokohama, Japan. It is one of the largest manufacturers of light commercial vehicles, as well as of heavy commercial vehicles. The company is also known for manufacturing several memorable sports cars, like the Datsun Fairlady. Nissan made around 4,889,379 vehicles in 2013, and a total of 3,830,954 cars.

Honda Motor Company has been the leading manufacturer of motorcycles since 1959, as well as the largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines in automobiles. It was the first Japanese automobile manufacturer, and released its first dedicated luxury brand, Acura, in 1986. Beside manufacture of automobiles and their motorcycle businesses, Honda also produces power generators, personal watercrafts and marine engines. It is also involved in manufacture of robots with ASIMO being one of the best robots in the world. A total of 4,110,857 vehicles were produced in 2013 while the total revenue was $96.01 billion.

Source: internet (therichest.com)